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JUST LOOK!! is based on Johns first hand experience relating to employee based fraud. He spent the better part of 12 years, after his company fell victim to a large scale, employee based fraud. In and out of court rooms, Crown, attorneys and Civil lawyers offices alike. Being involved in a case like this specifically gave him insight into the system, changes that need to happen to the system, and how the victims in these situations can feel helpless and victimized again.

His goal is to help someone out there someone who doesn’t know it’s happened to them yet or someone who is just about to find out. If he can get to them soon enough, they don’t have to go through what his company went through.

“If I can help one person not go through with any of us went through it’s worth it I want to help business owners understand where the early detection signs and red flags are and We have an extensive checklist of procedures and actions anyone can put in place to mitigate and  even eliminate fraud in their workplace.”

John offers two unique live presentations for topics that he is very passionate about.
Employee Fraud and Negative Self Talk.
With each of the presentations, there is also a companion book to be used as a guide.

“If I can help even just one person avoid going through what we did , then it is all worth it.

THE INTRUDER was created while John was searching for unrelated files at the end of writing his first book. He stumbled upon notes and research that was done years before on something that had been haunting him for some time. Negative mind talk or Mindchatter some call it.  These notes turned into a presentation and similar companion book now called the INTRUDER. His journey into the battle against Negative self talk. How he thought something that had been said to him could make him stumble so bad that it effected his ability to lead, to run the company and even to sell. in the book, he goes down self admitted rabbit holes looking for answers to how negative mind talk begins. What is commonly done to treat it. Where does it come from?He even looks at old world and even ancient procedures. He looks at meditation, psychotherapy, pharmacological interventions, Buddhism and stress. He tries to bring forward anything that helps and leave behind anything else.  During the process , he stumbles on something much more important. Could it be the same voice that causes so many people to take their own lives is also the same voice guiding negative self talk? In the end, he will showcase what could be a groundbreaking response to negative self talk. The Humanization of Negative Self Talk.




John has paid his dues and been there over and over again. The perspectives he brings to the table on employee Fraud are eye opening.
One conversation and my self talk was lowered. When he first told me about The STOP SIGN technique as a quick fix I actually laughed. But now I use it daily!
We found one of our employees directing ETRANSFERS to thier personal account after we heard his presentation and read the book.We never would have looked otherwise..

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