Hello, my name is John Ball.
I am an Author and a Speaker. Welcome to my journey. I have had some experiences that have led me to this point in life and I now believe that the experiences had a purpose. I have a desire to help and try to do some good. To be a better man. I am seeing that helping someone else is a greater reward than anything I could have imagined and I feel humbled by the kindness and love I have received and I want to try to give back.
I think I offer Audiences two very unique experiences with my Presentations.
I have "front line" experiences in both topics and I have spent a lot of time in the trenches also. I have skin in this game. This has inspired me to want to help others if I can as a result.


Each of the presentations are accompanied with a Book to be used as a companion to the talks I do.
Read below for the overviews and feel free to reach out to me personally with any questions. I am here to help....


JUST LOOK!! It Happens More Than You Think.

JUST LOOK!! is based on my first hand experience relating to employee based fraud. I spent the better part of 12 years, after my company was the victim of an employee based fraud,  In and out of court rooms, Crown Attorneys offices and Civil attorneys offices.

Although every case is different, ours, specifically gave me some insight into the system, changes that need to happen to the system, and how the victims in these situations can feel helpless and victimized again and again.

My goal is to help someone out there someone who doesn’t know it’s happened to them yet or someone who is just about to find out.

If I get to them soon enough, they don’t have to go through what I went through.

If I can help one person not go through what we went through, then  it’s worth it.

 I want to help Business owners understand where the early detection signs can lie and also where red flags are. We have an extensive checklist of procedures and actions you can put in place to minimize and possibly eliminate fraud in your workplace. I can offer resources that can help you implement the actions needed and check your company for exposure to this growing pandemnic of employee based fraud.

My only goal is to help you.





While searching for unrelated files at the end of writing my first book, I stumbled upon notes and research I had done years before on something that was very personal and that has been haunting me for some time. Looking at those notes let me peer into a true and exposed version of myself. I saw someone so stressed and worried. I wanted to reach through the pages and tell him it was going to be ok and what to do.

I cant do that, But I can help others in the same situation.

Negative Self Talk or Mind Chatter, as some call it.

How I thought that something that had been said to me could make me lose my confidence in my ability to lead and  to run my company.  It pushed me to the darkest places where I found the most lonely and isolated feelings.

Until one day it came to me that the Negative Self Talk I am experiencing is like an Intruder had come into in my life. One that was focused on breaking me down and removing all the joy from my life. It was then, that I knew it had to be treated as an enemy. I wouldn’t have let anyone else treat me like that, so why am I letting this negative self talk? I am pandering to it, even placating it!  This had to stop.

I go down rabbit holes looking for answers as to how negative self talk begins. What is commonly done to treat it. Where does it come from? I even look at old world cures. I look at everything from meditation, psychotherapy, pharmacological interventions, Buddhism and Stress.

Anything I find that helps remove the NST, I bring forward and everything else is abandoned.

At the end of this journey, I will showcase what I feel is a groundbreaking response to Negative Self Talk.

The Humanization of Negative Self Talk and the separation of self versus non self to rid myself of this once and for all.

If you have this in your life and will commit to the agreements, admissions and the work needed. I am here to help and

we can remove this weight from your life.


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