Don’t ever give up! Here is why….

Before we start to breakdown techniques and methods we use to reach goals that seem unattainable, lets look at some of the hurdles and adversities that some of the most famous well known and respected historical figures, actors, athletes and musicians may have faced. 1. Albert Einstein Einstein as a child didn’t speak at all for the first few years of his life. His teachers all thought he was lazy because he was always seemed distracted. He was able to rise above such negativity and developed the theory of relativity. 3. Jim Carrey Jim Carrey dropped out of school at Read More →

Allowing a “Fail to learn Culture”

How we navigated the end of the shiny disc! The Canadian SR&ED program is a great example of a Fail to learn or a Fail Ahead concept. Here is the official description: The Scientific Research and Experimental Development (SR&ED) tax incentive program is intended to encourage businesses to conduct research and development in Canada. Corporations, individuals, trusts, and partnerships that conduct eligible work may be able to claim SR&ED tax incentives for the year. The program allows the businesses to capture a good amount of payroll and subcontracting fees as well was raw material and even a factor for overhead Read More →

KPI’s, OKR’s, EBITDA’s and other DATA hungry acronyms that make you go hmmmm?

John Ball Dec 29, 2023 During a recent EBFACAFAM ( Employee based fraud anti corruption and fraud awareness meeting ) Hold on!! I am just kidding. At some meetings when I go to a company to consult or implement a program for anti corruption and employee based fraud prevention I am often asked if I can offer any other business assistance. Such as create and setup a system to report on the latest set of Acronyms of the month. Let me say being on the sharp end of the stick made me very aware of the way certain things work Read More →


Are Your Products Being Seen? Or Lost in the Crowd You might have a great product but without exceptional utilizing packaging as a marketing tool to present it to your target customers, your product might just end up sitting on the shelves. Packaging is one of the most important aspects of marketing that every brand should take full advantage of. What Is Meant by Packaging in Marketing? Packaging means enclosing your product in a wrapping material, such as a book, CD, or album cover, that helps identify your product, protects it during distribution, markets it, keeps it clean, and differentiates it Read More →


If You’re That Good, You Should Look the Part Having a website for your business might be the best thing you can do, even when you are not an online business. However, you need a well-designed website, as it reflects the quality of your business. If you provide a poor user experience on your website, that experience will reflect on your business… and that will surely scare off potential customers. At Ball Media, we create great websites that will take your business to the next level. Here are a few case studies of some businesses we have helped put on the Read More →


Are Inexpensive Websites for Small Businesses Worth the Investment? A great-looking website is one of the foundations of a successful business in today’s digital world. Unfortunately, the cost of building one can set you back thousands of dollars. The good news is that there are still plenty of options for inexpensive websites for small businesses out there. Let’s start by saying that “affordable” is a very subjective term. What’s inexpensive for me might be overpriced for you. It all depends on what your business needs and how much revenue it’s currently making. I recommend taking a real look at your Read More →


#DVDLifeOrDeath The DVD was launched in March of 1999 with a promise to offer improved resolution and longevity over magnetic tapes (more commonly known as VCR tapes), which degraded over time with each playback. Because of these benefits, the popularity of the DVD immediately soared. When HD (high definition) DVDs came along soon after, they weren’t immediately accepted as mainstream, but when the better quality Blu-ray discs were introduced, the public finally latched on to the HD idea. These were better protected than the originally designed DVDs; this reduced piracy, to some extent. To those who love streaming movies on platforms like Read More →