If You’re That Good, You Should Look the Part Having a website for your business might be the best thing you can do, even when you are not an online business. However, you need a well-designed website, as it reflects the quality of your business. If you provide a poor user experience on your website, that experience will reflect on your business… and that will surely scare off potential customers. At Ball Media, we create great websites that will take your business to the next level. Here are a few case studies of some businesses we have helped put on the Read More →


#DVDLifeOrDeath The DVD was launched in March of 1999 with a promise to offer improved resolution and longevity over magnetic tapes (more commonly known as VCR tapes), which degraded over time with each playback. Because of these benefits, the popularity of the DVD immediately soared. When HD (high definition) DVDs came along soon after, they weren’t immediately accepted as mainstream, but when the better quality Blu-ray discs were introduced, the public finally latched on to the HD idea. These were better protected than the originally designed DVDs; this reduced piracy, to some extent. To those who love streaming movies on platforms like Read More →