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              MEET JOHN BALL

Accomplished award-winning and result proven leader with over 20 years of experience in leading sales and
marketing teams to unprecedented results.
Key in uncovering opportunities. Adept at assembling high-performance teams and driving brand
development. Proficient in implementing effective strategies that fostering strong customer engagement
and loyalty. Demonstrates expertise in creating and executing impactful sales initiatives, consistently
achieving and exceeding revenue targets. A proud history of being mentored by industry leaders and holds
an Irish-Canadian dual citizenship that allows one the freedom to work, live and travel freely through all EU
countries as well as the UK.

Areas of Expertise
• Leading Sales and Marketing Teams
• Customer Loyalty
• Developing Key Marketing Campaigns
• Operations
• Project Management
• Increasing Sales
• Market Analysis
• Customer Engagement
• Staff Development


● Led the company to #16 on Profit Magazine’s list of 100 fastest-growing companies and wining the Bell
Technology award.
● Established cutting-edge end-to-end Book print and Bindery plant, alongside state-of-the-art General
and large-format print facility manufacturing plant. Successfully serviced publishers and customers
throughout North America.
● Increased sales by 35% in two years by concentrating on a single KPI.
● Led sales and marketing staff on Creating campaigns and selling techniques that work and add to
increased net sales revenues.


John has written three books about Employee Based Fraud, Negative Self talk and Leveling up tips from Business Leaders.

Although he isn’t doing talks about them at  the moment. He may consider it again.

A"No matter how tall the mountain is, it cannot block the sun. - Chinese Proverb