Are Inexpensive Websites for Small Businesses Worth the Investment?

A great-looking website is one of the foundations of a successful business in today’s digital world. Unfortunately, the cost of building one can set you back thousands of dollars. The good news is that there are still plenty of options for inexpensive websites for small businesses out there.

Let’s start by saying that “affordable” is a very subjective term. What’s inexpensive for me might be overpriced for you. It all depends on what your business needs and how much revenue it’s currently making. I recommend taking a real look at your business needs beyond “I just want my website to look great!” (That’s a surefire way to fail!)

Once you’ve figured that out, here are some ways to get a small or local business website design that shines.

1. Do It Yourself with Website Builders

The cheapest option is, of course, doing it yourself. Fortunately for you, there are several easy-to-use website builders. These are platforms where anyone with basic computer skills can get a website up and running in less than a day!

Most of these feature simple drag-and-drop interfaces. If you’ve ever done a PowerPoint presentation, you’ll have what it takes to use a website builder. The only drawback is that most of these builders have limited functionality. For more complex websites, you’re on your own.

RECOMMENDED FOR: Starting businesses with minimal budgets. Once your business grows, and you need something a bit more advanced, you can go for better options.

2. Hire a Freelance Web Designer

Thanks to the gig economy, there’s a sea of competent freelancers who can do your web design for you. These professionals vary by fees and experience level. With a little searching, you should be able to find a freelancer who’s the best fit for your budget and requirements.

If you manage to find yourself a good web designer, this can be an excellent option for you. The downside is that if you need more functionality on your website, beyond what the freelancer knows, then you’ll need to hire another. The costs can quickly add up, not to mention having to handle multiple people at once.

RECOMMENDED FOR: Businesses with limited budgets need a professional to come in and build a more functional website.

3. Get a Reputable Web Design Agency

The most—relatively—expensive option is to get the services of a web design agency. I say relatively because, while they might be higher priced, they can still be affordable. Especially with the value that the best website designers for small businesses can give.

The best benefit you get from an agency is a comprehensive service. They usually offer services beyond web design that your business might need. They also handle everything for you, so that’s one thing off your business’s plate—and some agencies are not as expensive as you might think. Try exploring your options and see which ones fit your needs and budget.

RECOMMENDED FOR: Businesses who rely on a functional, feature-rich website to thrive. Oh, and businesses that value their time.