The Intruder


THE INTRUDER was created while John was searching for unrelated files at the end of writing his first book. He stumbled upon notes and research that was done years before on something that had been haunting him for some time. Negative mind talk or Mindchatter some call it. These notes turned into a presentation and similar companion book now called the INTRUDER. His journey into the battle against Negative self talk. How he thought something that had been said to him could make him stumble so bad that it effected his ability to lead, to run the company and even to sell. in the book, he goes down self admitted rabbit holes looking for answers to how negative mind talk begins. What is commonly done to treat it. Where does it come from?He even looks at old world and even ancient procedures. He looks at meditation, psychotherapy, pharmacological interventions, Buddhism and stress. He tries to bring forward anything that helps and leave behind anything else. In the end, he will showcase what could be a groundbreaking response to negative self talk. The Humanization of Negative Self Talk.

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“When the dust settled.
I remember thinking to myself that after 10-12 years, I needed to finish what I started. I need to find the answer to eliminate Negative Self Talk.
I owed it to myself and everyone else involved that was hurt by this.
I thought “After all this time, I look around, having lost almost everything that we worked for.
Thinking of the money that was gone, the money that we had spent on legal fees,the once thriving business itself on life support, my marriage all but done, 10-12 years of my time and most, if not all of my confidence.
The one thing that added insult to injury was after going through all of that and wasting all that time, the cruel joke was that the negative self talk was still there.
So I gathered up all of the notes and research that was sitting for 12 years and promised myself one thing.
After this weekend.
I will find the answer
One way or another….
I’m taking the notes and research into
a room and locking the door.
I promised myself,
Only one of us is coming out of this room after the weekend is over.
Either I walk out or the Intruder does…..
Excerpt From
John Ball

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