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Shared hosting is the easiest, most economical way to get your website connected to the Internet so you can start building it.


Made for a simple website or blog

Save 45% over 3 years 


Normal $9.99

Auto renews at regular rate



Ideal for multiple sites needing storage, security, + backups

Save 55% over 3 years


Normally $19.99

Auto renews at regular rate


Great for all online selling, eCommerce tools built-in

Save 35% over 3 years


Normally $25.99

Auto renews at regular rate


Perfect for high traffic, advanced storage, security, + backups

Save 20% over 3 years


Normally $26.99

Auto renews at regular rate


WordPress made easy for everyone.

Take the guesswork out of WordPress with Wonder. Quickly set up your site, customize and add features, then start creating—all on a user-friendly dashboard. Every WordPress plan comes with Wonder built in.

All plans include.

WordPress Academy

Learn how to build a WordPress site from the very start and grow online with easy-to-follow tutorial videos.

Managed WordPress

Stay updated, optimized, and protected with a fully managed WordPress platform.


Automatic WordPress Installation

Upon creation of your WordPress Hosting plan, BMC Host automatically installs the latest and most secure version of WordPress.

Easy Onboarding

BMC Host provides easy onboarding for anyone who wants to quickly get started building a powerful WordPress website.

SSL Certificates

Keep personal information, e-commerce transactions, and other sensitive data safeguarded with encrypted connections.


Automatic Malware Scans

Protect your website against virus attacks and malware with SiteLock Security Scans, which are available with all WordPress Hosting Plans.


Take your store online in minutes.

Step one, build your online store. Step two, easily manage inventory and get real-time statistics. With the 75% faster Online Store + Marketplace, you can access the tools you need to sell anything.

What is Shared Hosting?

Shared Hosting is perfect for getting started online.

Built on top of a reliable platform and backed by 24/7 expert support, BMC Host’s Shared Hosting is perfect to build a website, get online, and scale your business. Check out our video.


Hosting that works as hard
as you do.


Unlock the limitless design freedom of WordPress with expert support.


Online Store

Everything you need to start selling online with plans built for e-commerce.



Gain more control and flexibility with a Virtual Private Server.


Give your high-value website more power and security.

Create amazing websites fast with Wonder Theme!



24/7 hosting support.

BMC Host supports millions of websites worldwide. Let our experts help you effectively build, grow and manage your WordPress website.

Call 888-401-4678 or Chat Now.

International calling fees may apply

Why choose BMC Host?

Cloudflare CDN: Boost your website performance & reduce load times with Cloudflare, an advanced Content Delivery Network. Faster load times translate into better user experiences, improved SEO, higher traffic, and increased conversion rates.

Caching technology: With server-level caching, your servers return web pages faster, improving load times for your website.

SSDs: BMC Host  Shared Hosting servers come with solid-state drives (SSDs) to improve website performance. SSDs replace traditional hard drives with more efficient storage, increasing load times and allowing faster saves.

SSLs: Customers buy more from a secure site. Protect customers’ sensitive information—like passwords, usernames, and payment information—from malicious third parties. Maximize your site’s trustworthiness with an SSL certificate. Bluehost offers 2 types of SSL Certificates:

  • FREE SSL powered by Let’s Encrypt that’s bundled with all the plans.
  • Premium SSL powered by Comodo that comes with a warranty of $10,000 to provide you an assurance that your site is safe to collect payments from customers.

CodeGuard Backups: Never lose your precious work! Get automated, daily backups and monitoring for your site, plus one-click restore with CodeGuard.

SiteLock: Protect your website from malicious attacks, spammers, and hackers. With SiteLock, you can guard your site against search engine blacklists, all while detecting malware and protecting your site from costly downtime.

Set up your website easily and start selling by following these simple steps:

Sign up for a Shared Hosting Plan: Choose a plan that meets your requirement.  

Complete Onboarding: Answer a few simple questions to quickly kickstart your website.

Pick a theme: Choose the right color, font, and layout for your web pages and see your website come to life.

Add exciting features: Choose helpful plugins for speed, security, and lead generation right from the start.

Publish your website: Make your website live and start selling. 

Get visitors: Use Yoast SEO or our SEO Consultation services to improve your search rankings.

24/7 Availability: Our team of experts is available 24/7 to help you with issues you may have while building your website.

Phone & Chat Support: Bluehost offers both phone & chat support. Connect with us as you like. 

Website Design Services Available: Need help building your website from scratch? Learn more about Bluehost Website Design Services.

Partnership with WordPress: BMC Host and WordPress have worked closely since 2005 to create a hosting platform ideal for running WordPress websites.

WordCamp Sponsorships: BMC Host strives to support the WordPress community to grow the open-source ecosystem. We sponsor and help community groups, regional and local WordCamps, and contribute actively to the WordPress Project. 

WordPress Education: We also facilitate learning and education through multiple webinars, masterclasses, & our own event: WP CreatorCon.


What is Shared Hosting?

Shared Hosting is one of the most popular hosting packages because it provides an affordable way to get your website online. Shared Hosting works by allowing multiple users to share space on a single server maintained by the hosting provider (BMC Host). A Shared Hosting package can include multiple offers or combinations of features as offered by their hosting provider. BMC Host Shared Hosting is perfect for blogging, hobbies and small business websites.

What are Shared Hosting Benefits?

When you sign up for a Shared Hosting package, your biggest benefit is purchasing hosting at an affordable price. In addition to various features, our shared hosting platform is managed which means users don’t have to worry about server management and platform patches. When you purchase a BMC Host Shared Hosting package it also includes an SSL certificate, domain name and more!

What is the difference between Shared vs WordPress Hosting?

 Anyone who has a website needs hosting to get their website online. Shared Hosting is a low-cost option for new users that is affordable and can be used with WordPress. Any website hosted through BMC Host automatically has WordPress installed and ready to use. Shared WordPress Hosting is fully integrated with all the WordPress features to include automatic WordPress updates and installation. For a more in-depth answer, head over to our blog and read shared hosting vs WordPress hosting.

What is the difference between Shared vs VPS Hosting?

When you have a Shared Hosting package you are one of multiple users hosting their website on a web server. This means a specific allotment of resources (RAM, CPU, etc) are not guaranteed for your website. Virtual Private Server (VPS) Hosting provides more space and bandwidth to manage a higher influx of traffic to your website. VPS Hosting in contrast to shared hosting, allows you to expand a website over time so you can easily scale up your website as it grows. Users have a much higher degree of control with VPS Hosting so you can customize your control configuration as you’d like. Learn more about VPS hosting vs shared hosting

How do I get started with Shared Hosting?

BMC Host strives to make it easy for our customers to get their website online with the purchase of our website hosting packages. When you visit the BMC Host website you will select your Shared Web Hosting plan. These plans vary in prices and features. Once you select your hosting package we will automatically install the latest version of WordPress for you. Once you’re logged in, it’s time to get your website online!

How do I migrate to BMC Host?

If you already have a website and are considering changing your web host, then you will need some assistance with migration. BMC Host provides a migration service that can assist you in getting all your files transferred securely and correctly. Migrating your website can be time consuming and extremely complex so we want to provide you with the best support possible from our team of experts.

What exactly is shared in shared hosting?

Shared hosting allows multiple website owners to share space on a single server. This means that the server’s resources (RAM, CPU, etc.) are shared among all the websites hosted on that server. This makes it an affordable option for users who don’t require a lot of resources. For larger, more resource-intense websites, it may be better to go with VPS hosting or a dedicated hosting plan

Is shared hosting safe?

Yes, shared hosting is safe. However, as multiple websites are hosted on the same server, there is a slight risk of one website affecting the others. That’s why it’s important to choose a reputable hosting provider, like BMC Host, who takes security seriously.

Is shared hosting good for WordPress?

Yes, shared hosting is a great option for WordPress websites. In fact, we offer automatic WordPress installation and updates with their shared hosting plans.

How much traffic can shared hosting handle?

The amount of traffic a shared hosting plan can handle depends on the amount of resources and bandwidth your website requires. BMC Host offers different shared hosting plans with varying amounts of resources and storage to handle different levels of traffic. If your website starts to outgrow your plan, you can always upgrade to a more powerful hosting option.

How can I buy a domain for a shared hosting website?

When you purchase a shared hosting plan with a provider like BMC Host, you can often get a free domain included with your plan. If you already have a domain, you can easily transfer it to your new hosting provider. You can check the availability of a domain here. 

Can I get a professional business email account with a shared hosting plan?

Yes, most shared hosting plans come with the ability to create email accounts using your domain name. Learn more about getting a professional business email account with Google Workspace

Can I have an eCommerce store on a shared hosting plan?

Yes, you can definitely have an eCommerce store on a shared hosting plan. You can also opt for an eCommerce-specific hosting plan with BMC Host’s WooCommerce hosting. This will ensure that your online store runs smoothly and securely.

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