If You’re That Good, You Should Look the Part

Having a website for your business might be the best thing you can do, even when you are not an online business. However, you need a well-designed website, as it reflects the quality of your business.

If you provide a poor user experience on your website, that experience will reflect on your business… and that will surely scare off potential customers.

At Ball Media, we create great websites that will take your business to the next level. Here are a few case studies of some businesses we have helped put on the map:

Cascadia Sports – Cascadia Sports Systems is a renowned brand in the world of sports that offers a wide array of services, including designing and building sports equipment meant to meet the needs of any facility.

They also have recreational facilities and arenas in many different places around the world. Cascadia has its products in over a dozen countries; some of its happy customers include NHL hockey teams, NBA teams, and Olympic venues.

Cascadia Sports needed a website that would not only get them closer to the people, but that would also help them connect better with sports-minded people. In this project, we created a website with a theme that says, “We are all about sports!” in no uncertain terms.

We included high-quality rotating pictures, showcasing sports arenas, sporting events, and other services offered by Cascadia Sports. The website also has a blog where recent sports news and stories are posted, to keep their audience engaged.

ARC Recording Studio – When you think of a recording studio, do you think of a fancy, equipment-filled room, somewhere in a city high-rise building? Well, that may be the case for others…but not this studio.

ARC Studio is located on acres of property surrounded by a forest; if you need space to be creative, then ARC is the place to be. The studio is owned and run by producer Julius Butty and studio manager Andrea Leslie. The studio is large and airy—it can fit a band comfortably.

In this project, we decided to showcase the design and uniqueness of the studio, using high-quality, full-size pictures that show the spacious studio, how it was constructed, and how different it is from what musicians are used to.

It says, “Here, you can enjoy the peace of being away from the hassle of typical urban studios.”We also highlighted the serious equipment that the owners have invested in, so visitors will know that ARC is serious business.

Paul Templeton Music –  Paul Templeton is a musician and music writer with an album already to his name. He has been playing the guitar for his pleasure for over 20 years.

Paul wanted a website where he could introduce himself and his music to the world…so with that in mind, we decided to add his songs to the website with a streaming button, so that people could hear his music.

We also added the capability to purchase his tracks directly on the website, and to follow his events and see what he has been up to.